Food Grade Paper Tubes

Baking & Drink Mixes

Baking and drink mixes are highly susceptible to moisture. Our cans are lined with plastic coated foil and heat sealed to insure they lock out moisture. Our compounded foil tops provide a continuous seal and allow easy opening of your can. We provide the overcap needed for sealing after use.

We make cans for both the retail and commercial environment with 4”, 5” and even 6” diameter cans. You choose the height you need to incorporate the volume needed.

Add your label or we will add foil on the outside for you to label after filling to complete your package.

An ideal can for pancake mixes, powdered lemonades or even protein shake mixes.

We are ready and able to help. Contact us to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for “GREEN,” look no further than PTS! After all, green is the color of PTS.