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Blueprint Shipping Tubes

Blueprint Shipping Tubes

Do you need a quality shipping tube solution for all of the important documents in your business? You can trust the durability of blueprint shipping tubes from PTS. These tubes are perfect for storing and mailing blueprints and other large sheets of paper that need to be protected from wrinkles or tearing.

Our blueprint shipping tubes have high quality double wall tubes that are telescoped for varying lengths. Seamed metal closures insure these tubes can be used over and over. These Kraft tubes are specially designed for architectural drawings or banners.

The blueprint tubes can also be used for your products as well.

  • The inner sleeve floats to allow the tube to expand to fit your length needs.
  • Double wall construction increases strength over simple mailing tubes and allows these tubes to be used over and over.

Stock tubes are white Kraft outside. We can also design and manufacture custom blueprint tubes to sizes up to 6” in diameter and add color and printing.

Snap Seal Mailing Tubes
Size Quantity per Box Box Weight
2 x 25 100 46 lbs
2 x 31 100 56 lbs
2 x 37 100 66 lbs
2 x 43 100 76 lbs
3 x 25 49 30 lbs
3 x 31 49 35 lbs
3 x 37 49 44 lbs
3 x 43 49 50 lbs
3 x 55 49 64 lbs
4 x 25 25 23 lbs
4 x 31 25 27 lbs
4 x 37 25 32 lbs
4 x 43 25 37 lbs

We are ready and able to help. Contact us to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for “GREEN,” look no further than PTS! After all, green is the color of PTS.

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