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Need to ship something in a tube? Why not use paperboard shipping tubes from PTS? Our highly customizable tubes are perfect for posters and other items that you want to keep secure and damage-free during shipping. Metal or plastic end plugs can be ordered separately with your shipping tubes to secure the ends and provide added wall support to protect the contents inside from damage during shipping.

Customers are often looking for customizable tubes that they can use to represent their business and add some professionalism to their shipping material. Our paperboard shipping tubes can be wrapped with printed material in a variety of colors and designs. Want to display a logo or message on your shipping tube to make it easily identifiable? No problem. Just give us the designs and we’ll print out covers that are sized to fit your tube.

Color printing isn’t the only customizable feature on our paperboard shipping tubes. You can order a wide range of sizes to suit your shipping needs. With paperboard thicknesses that go all of the way up to 0.75”, inside diameters up to 30” and length up to 40 feet, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need to ship your product. We have the size you need!

Sustainability at PTS

At Paper Tubes and Sales Manufacturing, we’re driven by our firm commitment to the use of sustainable materials and the implementation of eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We know that the use of recycled material reduces waste and reduces the need for more energy consumption during the manufacturing process. You can be confident that all of the paperboard shipping tubes that you order from us will be made using 100% recycled material. We want you to feel good about the products you’re buying, and what could be better than products that are made with the environment in mind?

An Assurance of Quality

Paper Tubes & Sales Manufacturing is an industry leading manufacturer of high quality paperboard products. We are known for our ability to listen closely to the needs of our customers and come up with solutions that are tailored specifically to their needs. This kind of innovative design thinking is what keeps us one step ahead of the competition and allows our team to make such a great lineup of products. We are actually one of the largest independent manufacturers of paper tubes, cores and composite cans in the United States. We’re very proud of this, and our long list of satisfied customers continues to grow. We even have nationwide distribution so that you can get the paperboard products that you need in a timely fashion.

If you would like to find out more about what we do, or request a quote, all you have to do is contact us today. We would be happy to hear from you and answer any of your questions.

If you’re looking for “GREEN,” look no further than PTS! After all, green is the color of PTS.