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Even though emails and text messages have largely replaced traditional mailed letters, thousands of people still use the mail every day to send important documents like certificates, posters, legal papers, degrees and so on. Any kind of special item like these needs to be protected by secure packaging that will not bend and damage the contents, and that’s where paperboard mailing tubes come in.

At Paper Tubes & Sales manufacturing, we manufacture a wide variety of mailing tubes. Our cardboard mailing tubes can be made with plastic end caps for added stability, while simpler styles just use tapered cardboard ends as a seal. If you like our cardboard mailing tubes, you might also be interested in PTS paperboard shipping tubes.

Cardboard mailing tubes from Paper Tubes & Sales Manufacturing Inc. are sold by the bundle. These tubes come in different diameters and weights, and they can be ordered with either snap seals or end plugs.

Custom Tubes

Just in case one of our standard tube sizes doesn’t work for you, we are able to manufacture custom mailing tubes to meet almost any need. Whether you need a custom size or customized colors and labels, we’ve got you covered. A custom mailing tube helps to add a professional edge to your mail and makes it easily identifiable for the recipient. Just give us your specifications and designs, and we can create unique paperboard mailing tubes just for your business. Contact us to find out more about our paperboard mailing tubes!

Snap Seal Mailing Tubes
Size per Tube Quantity per Bundle Weight per Pack
2 x 18 37 7 lbs
2 x 24 37 9 lbs
2 x 30 37 12 lbs
2 x 24 19 7 lbs

Recycled Material

At PTS, we’re proud of the fact that we use 100% recycled material to manufacture all of our paper and cardboard products. We believe in sustainable practices that are environmentally friendly, and we hope to be environmental advocates in our community and in our industry. Even our metal end closures are made using 75% recycled metal. We’re always looking for new green initiatives, because we believe that we have a responsibility to care for the environment and reduce waste. Sustainability is a big part of who we are, and our on-going commitment to sustainable practices drives us forward.

Mailing Tubes with Plugs
Size per Tube Quantity per Bundle Weight per Pack
1.5 x 15 50 7 lbs
1.5 x 18 50 8 lbs
1.5 x 24 50 10 lbs
2 x 15 50 9 lbs
2 x 18 50 10 lbs
2 x 24 50 13 lbs
2.5 x 18 50 14 lbs
2.5 x 24 50 19 lbs
2.5 x 30 50 24 lbs
3 x 24 25 10 lbs
3 x 36 25 17 lbs

Quality Assurance

Paper Tubes & Sales Manufacturing has been in business for decades now, and in that time we’ve learned to put our customers first by giving them the highest level of service at an affordable price. We do this by using high quality recycled materials, listening closely to the specific needs of each customer, and manufacturing solutions that are designed by our very own in-house product engineering team. We are one of the largest paper tube and cardboard tube manufacturers in the country, and this process has been the reason for our success.

With our state of the art equipment and years of expertise, you can be more than confident that quality will always be the final result. Your experience along the way will be rewarding and hassle-free.

We are ready and able to help. Contact us to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for “GREEN,” look no further than PTS! After all, green is the color of PTS.